Privacy Policy & Cookies

Your Privacy is our highest priority and whenever you order a product via the store, we send your details over a Secure, encrypted connection to ensure that no unauthorised access can be gained to your information. 

What information do we store?

To ensure your peace of mind, we only store the data about you that is necessary.

We store the following details (if provided) on our systems in an encrypted environment:-

  • Name/Company Name and Address
  • Billing Address (if different)
  • Email Address
  • Telephone/Fax/Mobile Numbers
  • All your order history

We DO NOT store your payment details on our servers. Our Payments Prodvider (PayPal) may store your details, within the rights of their own Privacy Policy. This can be found on their website by clicking here.

We have an SSL Security Certificate on the Website which means that your data is transferred over the internet to our server on an encrypted connection. You can verify this by looking for the Padlock Icon in your Web Browser. 

If you have subscribed to our newsletter and want to unsubscribe you can do so at any time from the "My Account" section of our website. If you're having problems with this, send us an email and we will manually remove you from the list.

Please get in touch at anytime by sending us an email if you'd like to more information about what and how we store you details.

How We Handle Payments

We use PayPal to complete all online payments. We will under no conditions offer any other format of payment, any email claiming to be from us or PayPal asking to provide card details via email is a scam and you should ignore any messages.

We don't store your payment details, however PayPal do store details in accordance with their Privacy Policy if you do have a PayPal account.

How We Use Cookies

This Website uses cookies to improve your browsing experience. We store cookies if you Login to ensure that your logged in session remains open until you logout, and we also will store a cookie if you want the Store to remember your email address for the next visit.

Whenever you add a product to your basket, a cookie will be created so that the site will remember your individual basket preferences as you continue to browse the Store.

We also use Cookies from Google Analytics to collect Usage Statistics data about your browsing on the website, how you found us, how long your spent on the site and what items you viewed/purchased.

We believe that without the use of these cookies the website would not be able to function and so therefore there is no option here to Disable Cookies being stored, but if you have further questions please email: who will pass your query onto our web team. By visiting our website, you accept that we will store cookies on your computer for above mentioned purposes.

Last Updated: 23/07/2016